Premier Inn is a budget hotel brand, but this does not mean that it is low on quality.

After years of trying it has finally come top of the coveted Which? Customer satisfaction survey to become Travel Brand of the year.

This has come as a result of a number of co-ordinated strategic actions:

  1. First and foremost, Premier Inn have made a point of understanding what their typical customer wants. People do not stay at budget hotels to use extensive leisure or luxury facilities. They are more likely to have a short stay and want to be able to have a meal, a good night’s sleep and then be on their way quickly and efficiently.
  2. The “good-night” guarantee in which customers are offered a refund if they do not have a good night’s sleep is a powerful strategy. Many furniture stores can now refer to certain beds as being “Premier Inn quality”.
  3. Branding has been important and the group has used the deep purple colour, often associated with royalty, to be spotted from a distance and associate the brand with quality.
  4. Free unlimited and convenient Wi-Fi is available as standard in recognition of the fact that this has become important to both leisure and business customers. The fact that they do not try and make money from it despite their budget price, means that they have created a considerable brand loyalty with their customers.

The commendable thing about Premier Inn is that they have patiently built their brand and customer service over a period of years. They used an intensive and ubiquitous TV and print advertising campaign, fronted by Lenny Henry, and now merely carry out a short campaign from time to time to “top-up” awareness and brand loyalty.

Premier Inn proves that quality of service comes from good management and consistent execution, not high price.