Despite the continued march towards more online sales, retail stores are still big business and look set to retain their vital position in the economy and communities. Some products just have to be seen and touched!

In a survey published by the Consumers Association in June 2016, the formula of successful retail can be summarised as follows:

  1. Eliminate the things that customers don’t like
  2. Provide more of what customers love

Eliminating the negative

The things that customers hate are:

  • Untidy stores
  • Rude staff
  • Dull products
  • Poor presentation
  • Confusing pricing and offers

Customer satisfaction

It is not enough to eliminate negatives, any business looking to succeed has to have a strategy that tunes In to precisely what a customer wants.

The list of things that you can do to succeed and build your sales is very extensive:

  1. Be polite and friendly with your customers. It costs nothing and has an amazing effect.
  2. Make sure that the store is immaculately clean and tidy.
  3. Do not have any clutter in the aisles or in front of product displays.
  4. Have good lighting aimed at displaying goods as attractively as possible. This works remarkable well. For example, have a look at the quality of lighting in advertisements for food in magazines or on packaging.
  5. Have clear labelling and signage so that customers can navigate their way around the store easily.
  6. Have a no-hassle “returns” policy.
  7. Make sure the store staff know the products well and inform, not pressurise.
  8. Make sure that the store is a comfortable temperature and is not stuffy. People go to a store to have some time out as well as shop.
  9. Wherever possible, provide refreshments and seating. People will stay longer and buy more if they are comfortable and relaxed.
  10. Make sure that the store has comfortable levels of sound.
  11. Make sure you have as wide a range of goods as possible. If people do not get enough choice they will lose confidence and go elsewhere.